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I want to create simple black and white vector illustrations of tractors. If someone were selling, say, a John Deere Model A tractor on something like Craigslist, and they have supplied a photo showing their product, would I be able to take that photograph and make a vector illustration of the tractor?

From what I read on copyright law, a lot of it has to do with originality. I can certainly see the need to obtain permission from artists that would, say, take a picture of a tractor in a field were design and composition elements were taken into consideration. But if an image is something that is redundant-in other words-if there are 50 thousand images that look relatively the same as a documentation, how much burden of proof would be required if in the rarest case a farmer sees my graphic and then tries to litigate? If 20% of 3000+ images came from a source like this, am I playing Russian roulette with other people who post generic photos online?



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