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I painted a picture from a photograph ion a book and took a photograph of it to get a canvas print for a friend. I made the print shop promise to destroy the CD with the photo and any copies they made in the process of printing. A couple of days later they called me to tell me that they had printed another and would like to display it in their window and offered to sell copies and share the profits. I reminded them that they should have destroyed the photo as requested but agreed in principle, provided that they would let me mount and finish it and check out the copyright situation.

I found that the particular photographers work had been bought by the Getty Image library. (Probably the most protective of all image owners) The painting was of some old French men playing cards but, by coincidence, the Getty Image library offices were only 300 yards from the print shop in London.

I talked to the Getty image library who could not find the photo and asked me to send them a scan of it.

They called me back and informed me that should I make copies of my painting (even as gifts for friends or family) they wanted $450 per copy. Needless to say I have had numerous offers to buy the painting or copies of it but have had to decline these offers.


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