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Jesse, You are wrong on just about everything you say. Here are the Facts on what a security Gaurd at a Mall/Shopping Center Can and cannot do.

What can security officers do?
In privately owned space such as a shopping center a security officer can:

Ban a person from entering the center. A banning notice needs to be issued and it should explain the reason for the ban. There is no limit to how long a ban can be for.

Remove a person using reasonable force if they resist an order to leave.

Arrest a person if they are certain they have committed a criminal offence. In fact any person can do this and it is called a citizen's arrest.

Attempt to take a photo of any person on the premises, but the person being photographed can walk away or hide their face.

Ask to search a bag if it is a condition of entry. They must obtain your permission to conduct a search. Security staff do not have the right to search without permission, and permission can be withdrawn at any time during a search. A center can remove or ban a person because they did not allow a search.

A security officer cannot:

Arrest a person just on suspicion that they have committed an offence.

Use excessive force in any situation.

Ban a person just because of their age, unless it is a legal requirement eg. at a pub or other licenced premises or mall curfew

Ban a person just because of their ethnicity, mental illness, disability or because they are lesbian or gay.
Ban someone from a space near the shopping centre, such as a footpath outside the building.


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