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So I had a party at my house and 7 cops came and everyone left immediately after the cops came and it was only me, my roommates and 1 friend who are all of age to consume alcohol. Of the 7 cops 3 or 4 of them walked up with pepper spray ready to be fired in there hands even though my roommates and I were being completely cooperative. 2 of the cops did most of the talking and 1 of the cops proceeded to ask to search my house and we said no, and asked for a warrant to search the house. One of the cops then sarcastically proceeded to ask what are we in law school and stated "you have no rights," and then entered my house through the back door which was unlocked after we specifically said no you can not enter the house. He then proceeded to write a fine to one of my roommates and another friend who was here for the weekend saying that we were "conducting loud and unorderly behavior" (which they were in no way shape or form actually doing.) and they now have a court date in criminal court. On top of that when the cops came in they proceeded to slam their flashlights into the walls and create wholes and kicked a door down. These cops clearly are a disgrace to the justice system and I would love to put them through the headache that they put us through, as well as possibly make them pay for the unnecessary damage brought to my house. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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