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My cousing were outside about three house down when the Sheriffs pulled up. The son of the lady to whom they were talking to is a parolee so he and his friends ran. My cousins stayed since they had nothing to hide. The deputies became upset because they had to chase the other guys, so placed my cousins in the patrol car and asked for their address. They pointed to their home which was three houses down. The Deputies entered the home just because according to them they just felt like it. When they entered there was nobody inside the house but their sister that is 9yr old girl since her dad was outside with the neighbor looking at what was going on. When he entered they were already searching the home and found a gun that came back stolen. After they found the gun they told him to sign a paper or he would go to jail. They did not allow anyone to go into the house and asked him to get out the house as well. Once they found the gun they asked to know who the gun belonged to or him and his two sons would go to jail. His son said it was his to avoid them all going to jail. They now claim that they entered the home because they were looking for someone but that was not what was said to the owner. My cousin was taken into jail but was never read his rights but later the next morning was asked to waive his rights, which he refused. My uncle tried to file a complain but told he could not do so. Is the gun charge going to be thrown out since it was obtained illegally as well as the confession of who it belonged to?


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