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My bro in law was visiting and he was outside with another dude in a car. My bro in law started driving away! He noticed a cop at the end of the block! The other guy outside drives away but gets pulled over before he leaves the block! Cops found weed on this guy in his car and he tells officers he got it from my bro in law, on a front! No money! And this guy points out my bro in law and my home!
Anyway several hours later they come knocking at the door screamin police! We let them in. They said we have a warrent and we are looking for " my bro in laws name"
The went and seached his room. Witch only had a blow up bed and my bro in laws bag! Then they went into my room where they found my Legallly precribbed medical marijuana.
They take me and my bro in law to jail because cops say the bag in the street with the other guy, is exactly the same type of bags my marijuana is keeped in..
Can the search my room if there ground 4 the seach was based on looking for my bro in law? Can't the only seach the room he is occupying?


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