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SFPD Were in my neighborhood doing somthing. I went to my back yard to take out the compost. I was then noticed, but it didnt bother me being that I had nothing to hide nore had I"d done anything wrong....... Long Story short, SFPD pursuing a suspect, resulted in me being beatin numerous times, in my home, at the Williams street station , then before being booked. I was beaten up in front of 2 younger siblings and neighbors who tried to help me but I was being secluded and everyone was told to stand by while Police Punched Kicked Pulled hair, and referred to me and my Family and Members of my neighborhood as Racial slurs. Longer story short..... I was charged with HARBORING A FUGITIVE, GIVING FALSE INFORMATION TO A POLICE OFFICER, 2 COUNTS OF RESISTING ARREST (CAN YOU BELIVE THAT) AND DESPITED THEM HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY MEDICAL STATUS, POSSESSION ON MARIJUANA. The DA came very close to sending me to prision for two years! They took Money, sentimential, Belongings, opened sealed food, kicked holes in the walls, ect. I lost a tooth, my hair was pulled out and Ive sustained permenent injury to my left arm... WFT WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND SOMEONE REPRESENT ME IN COURT!


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