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last night me and my fiance and my 2 13 year old brothers were playing the wii while our two small kids were playing in the living room when my cousin comes over and tells us the cops were in our yard. noone at my house called them so my fiance walked outside to see what was going on. i get a knock on the back door so i go to answer it and as i walk outside i get a flashlight shined in my eyes and immediately questioned by two cops, a male and a female. they ask me if i was two different people and i say no and ask why the are there. they are looking for a neighbor wanted for domestic battery. i seen the guy about 25 minutes earlier and told the officers that, and also told them i havent seen him since and that he wasnt at my house. the male officer asked to search the house so i asked him for a warrant. that was a no go so they couldnt go inside so in retalliation for me not giving them consent, the male officer made rude comments, threatened to get my kids taken away, and called me a liar to my face. very unprofessional. if its worth talking to a lawyer it would be nice to know and maybe get some help finding a good lawyer


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