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The FBI entered my momĀ“s apartment who lives next door to me looking for my sister who did not show up for court, and they said they had a warrant even when my sister doent live there, the two apartments are connected through the basemant stairs, I was sleeping with my baby and they entered without warrant, without telling me who they were and before asking me to identify my self they grabbed me and told me I was under arrest, until they realize I wasnt the person they were looking for. I was in my underwear, they didnt even let me get dressed and even when I told them they did not have the right to search my apartment they just did it while one of them was next to me with his hand on the gun and my baby was alone crying in the bedroom. when they told me my mom let them in i told them this was a different apartment and they ironicaly said that if we got to the second floor in a helicopter (they did not see obviously the front door and that even we have different street numbers)is there anything i can do???? i feel really violated


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