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while the police where performing a warrant at a house my bf pulled up. they found some loratabs in the car. i showed up on the scene to get my licence cause i need it he's goin to jail. they search my car and find NO drugs. so then they tell me they are coming to my house!!?? i told them no, they had no reason, and to geta warrent.we wait over 2 hours in my driveway about 2:40 am. when the sheriff got there he told me he didnt have to show me the warrent and dragged me to the door to unlock the door. they scratched out the guys name where the original bust was at, and put my name on it. And he didnt even let me see it until 20 min of them bein in the house. and didnt even let me read the whole thing befor callin a a B and tightening my handcuffs. and then they took me to jail. this cant be legal! PLUS THEY STOLE CLOTHES OUT OF MY CLOSET, 2 PAIR OF PLOL BOOTS AND IM SURE A TON MORE!


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