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This is for my homework, Iam taking Criminal Justice. If a cop pulls you over for traffic violation, and as the driver rolls down the window he smells marijuana. He arrest the driver and passenger (a married couple) and searches the car and finds more weed, the cop ask the driver if he has any drugs at home the drive says yes, the cop ask if he can search the house, the driver says yes. The police go to the drivers house and search it. There at his house is his roommate, they tell her to come into the living room from her room, they search her and find cocaine in her pocket. According to the paper I got from my teacher, there is no warrant and miranda rights was not read. Is the search on the roommate legal? They also found a gun in in the drawer in the living room, the roommate shouts out thats not my gun. Would her statement be admissible in court and was her arrest lawful.
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