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My girlfriends ex husband keeps making false reports to Sonoma county sheriff. The sheriff show up father says I'm threatening the children and find medical marijuana arrest me a 215 patient. Girlfriend 215 too my daughter and roommate too the first time. I have police reports that say no crime was committed. This second time ex husband calls domestic violence. Sheriff let them self's in my girlfriend's house while she and her daughter are sleeping without a warrant. Search while girlfriend is held at gun point. The sonoma sheriff don"t seam to believe in a persons fourth amendment rights. While I was down the street at the park,sleeping too drunk to drive home. I was arrested again probation violation. My probation is because I was "Judicially Beat Up"for medical marijuana. I was originally charged with 14 felonies plus 13 enhansments. After going to court forty (40) times or so in three years I pleaded out to a mistremeaner position of marijuana even though I am a 215 patient. I feel mine and my girlfriend's civil rights have been violated. I have court transcripts proving ; my house was entered without warrant , Iasked for a lawyer was told I don't need a lawyer I need to cooperate, i was stalked, storage was searched w/out warrant, medical marijuana distroied many times etc, etc. I have had to sell everything I own to try to stay out of jail.i would like a lawyer or advocate to read transcripts and tell me how to proceed . Thank You


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