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Maybe someone can help answer this for me. My mom is 72 and my Dad is 82 on friday night around 6:30 the cops came busting thru their front door. Started yelling get down. Mom was in her room when they entered and my dad is really ill and in a hospital bed with oxygen and had hip replacement. Well they made my dad get in the floor with a gun to his head needless to say when he laid down somehow he busted his hand and blood went everywhere. He could not get back up and cops then refused to let him have his oxygen, he is now in hospital with phneomonia, they had to call ambulance. Made my 72 year old mom sit outside for 3and a half hours in her pjs handcuffed. The warrant did not have their address on it what they were searching for no address or anything. Of course nothing was found in the house but it is now a mess for us to clean up. Do we have any recourse.


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