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The system stink, the polices think that they can come in your home and do want they want. About 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, they came to my apt. looking for my grandson for some paper that need to be sign. My daughter said they didn't show her no warrant and they search my other grandson's bedroom, bathroom, kitcken, closets and by me being sleep they just peak into the room. He don't live with me, just his mail come there. They told my daughter to tell her son to come to the police station to sign some papers he forgot to sign when he was release. I don't like them and I wouldn't call them for anything. I am not asking for help and I don't want it any help from them or the lawyers. I will just leave this city and state. You can't get any justice at all. Even the judge won't do anything, they all are for the Polices.


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