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I came home from school the other eve and i pulled in my drive way and there was a state trooper in my drive way. First thing im thinking is one of my dogs got in a fight with another dog and had to be shot or somethingCause they usually let me know if someones around. Any way the officer gets out of his car says who he is and ask me to walk over to the front of the house because some detectives wanted to talk to me. So i go over and in a parking lot next to my house is full of state troopers and undercover. I get over to the detective and he says you know why where here right!! I say no not really. he says come on you know why where we know whats in your house and yard already so don't lie or things will be worse for you. ect ect ect. to get to the point they had my dogs taken to the pound and had already been in my house and yard with out my consent. someone who dosnt even live at my house let them in so i knew they new it was their so I fully cooperated with them. any way this cant hold up in court can it. I think charges should be dismissed completely. totally violating my rights and privacy. And I have no history of any kind.. Looking for some advice please


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