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had an investigator visit thursday asked who i was and if i seen a fake man. told him. fri i had 10 stupid cops pointing guns in my face and surrounding my house with my 7month old boy in floor. they rush me cuff me step on my kids foot and toys running around in my living room. i asked wat the hell i going on they said dont play dumb. found out 45 mins later my neighbor had guns, drugs, jewelry missing.. nobody seen any of this fake evidence but they had a witness fill out a form that stated he seen it.. cops did not see anything broken into or jewelry on my property that borders the "victims property". all hearsay. they had a judge sign a warrant for my prop.. this is a small town where no lawyer will sue the city. they are all too scared. i dare legal zoom to find me a lawyer and ill pay him good money to sue the idiots with too much power...


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