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The police do not need a warrant at all and to understand that anything seized in your position at the time of the occourance will NOT be used in the court of law. The judge will throw out any evidence that wasnt admisable. This IS the new system of the police' they know it will be thrown out of court' BUT they end up seizing drugs/guns ect in the process.
My advice to anyone who has problems with any circumstances it to 'call the cops' and dont answer your door when there knocking 'so you have evidence on the phone call for burglary'. IN court the judge will reveal the phone call you made about a burglary of kicking in windows/doors ect. The police THINK they have authority beyond the LAW but in reality there just another worker in society.

HOpe this helps.

P.S. Every court case i have fought i won 99% of the time and court costs are highly wasted in the/you tax payers dollars.



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