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About a few years back my ex and i got into an arguement and he kinda of pull in and I fell( I cried cus it hurt). At the same time a man call the cop on m ex. The cops arrive and arrested him, but i begged them to let him go. After a few min they ask both of us to sign a paper. My ex sign it first and I was refusing to. The cop told me that i have to sign it. Without reading it casu ei was to nervous and in tears about everythign that I sign it. There was no arrest or anything just that we hav eto sign a paper. I was wonder what was that all about.Please help me to understand we were being report that why we have to sign the paper. Or what was that all about. I asked my ex and he says it like a waiver for the police. It statment saying that they were there for the incident but no one want to file anythign is that true. i am worried now thinking about it.


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