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my son was out with friends one evening and rode home with a guy who was going to take him home. They ended up at a road block and police asked the driver to pull over because he said he smelled alcohol on his breath. The driver said a girl spilled it on his shirt at an 18 and over club they just came from and that he had not been drinking. The guy pulled over and then saw my son in the passengers seat and said your ( then said his name) he remembered from a previous tresspassing charge 6 monthss prior.( he is on probation for) Then about 5 cars behind them took off from the road block at the same time...all the police jumped in there cars after them..then the guy my son was with took off as well, one cop took off after son put both hands out the window and said im not a part of this officer and said i'm son had no control over the other guy and him running and didn't know what to son tried to get the guy to stop and he was scared..needless to say the guy ran because he had a suspended license. My son was scared and didn't know what to do, he even concidered jumping out of the car but didn't want to get ran over or hurt. he finally got the guy to stop and let him out of the car so he could walk to his step dads house, because the guy was to scared to take him home after he ran. my son just met the guy at the club and he offered to take him home because my sons ride left earlier and my son wanted to stay and hang out with his x girlfriend and her mom because he was trying to get back with the x. He has no relations or even know the guy other then meeting that night. he doesn't know where the guy lives or even his last name. well the cops banged on my door because they had my sons name and asked me if someone lived there i never heard of, then asked if he was my son...i told him no i never heard of him and told him my sons name then they said yes he was the passenger...anyway my son wasn't home and i called him and asked him what happened..the officer wanted to talk to him and my son got scared and said he was asleep at a friends house and had no idea what he was talking about ( because he thought he was in trouble )the police left mad and threatned to take out a warrant on my son for interfering with police investigation... how did he interfear just because he used his write not to talk and he was innocent as far as what happened...well the next evening i went to my x husbands house because i have been very sick having treatments my son was with me, and a neighbor said police were banging on my door at 10:30pm sunday evening my car wasn't there and we had a couple lights on because we weren't home. They continued to all walk around my house and bang on the door talking loud and shining light in the windows..the neighbor said it woke them up ( they are an elderly couple) also my Land loards grand parients..That made me mad because that makes us look like bad people and looks bad to our Landlords. especially when i have been very sick and out of work and they have been great to us and good about working with us paying rent late due to my Illness, then this happens..They wanted to talk to my son trying to get info on the guy that drove the truck...he has none and wanted to know his rights before talking to them...They called his cell phone which they had on record along with his address and left a message that he better call before 6am or they will issue a warrant for disruption of an investigation (we live in a small town) and that was their shift so i asume they are trying to trick him by threatning him to talk to them..i told him not to until after we reach our lawyer the next son is on probation and trying to stay out of trouble and we don't need him harrased for something he didn't do and thats why its important we get legal advice first...can they really get a warrant out on him if he doesn't call by 6am and what grounds would that be for because he has the right to remain silent untill an atterney and he didn't run the other guy did and he doesn't know him and the cops don't believe that( they didn't even get a tag # on the truck)...and i don't want them banging on my door all hours of the night on there shift (there wasn't a warrant out on him when they did either, they say they just want to ask questions) can i stop them from waking me and embarrassing me in the middle of the night if they do this again in the future untill my lawyer contacts us and my son can talk to them?? I'm tired of the harrasment and embarrassment especially while im going through chemo..what are our right as far as stopping that and can they take a warrant out on my son? please i need advise ( lawyer should be back in town in a few days but im curious to know now so that my son wont get into trouble..we live in a small town where cops are smartasses and think they are above the law and tend to harrass people quite a bit..they will lie to you to trick you into giving up your rights because they know most people especially 19 yr olds aren't familiar with their rights..PLEASE HELP!!!


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