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Two sheriffs came to my house at 10:am. They asked to enter and I said no. They asked to look at some of my photos. I brought out some that I had taken in Guatemala, no nudity, all people fully clothed. About 4 or 5 sheriffs came back at 4p.m. They tried to enter the house. I asked them where was their warrant? They didn't have one and told me that I had been watching too much TV. They the handcuffed me and put me on the ground outside the house. They then went through the house taking pictures of minor girls in bikinis, my two computers CD's and photo cards and put them in their SUV. A sheriff came by at 5p.m. with the warrant. He uncuffed me but as it was dark I couldn't read the warrant. They had by this time loaded most of the stuff they wanted. The sheriff that uncuffed me asked me a lot of questions - I either said no or didn't answer. He reported them to both papers as though I had said yes. The D.A. used a picture from a pornographic site to show the judge and my lawyer. I had never seen the picture. All of my pictures etc. were of girls in bikinis. He chose not to use one of them as they weren't pornographic. I pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor as the D.A. would use more of these disgusting pictures to show a jury. My computer had gone to a pornographic site on its own but I always got out of there ASAP.


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