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ok i was at my sisters father inlaws helping my brotherinlaw work on his car. i seen like 6 cops comming up the street and we were the only other house they could be going to i had a warrant for fta so i ran into the trailer on my right closest to me. went in and the cops pulled up and the people in the back room come running into the living room and the cops jumped out of there cars and came up kicking the door in and saying get on the ground . long story short the found a meth lab in the back room. and the said in the news paper that they smelt an odor upon interning the room... not at the door or out side so do they have the legal right to enter without a search warrant and charge me with manufacturing and organized crime?
also if no warrant i was told that the evidence they found to charge us with manufacturing is not admissible in court is this true??????????? if someone can let me know i would appreciate it thanx in advance. theoretically speaking of course.


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