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Last week I had been fighting with a friend about her daughters wedding pictures, that i paid for yet wernt done yet. They were so ungreatful and demanded the pictures and were getting rude and hostile with their conversation. I proceeded to state that they will get them when they are done and told them about theirself. They had my little baby girl 14 months old, and proceeded to have excuses each day of why they could not bring her home and was also ignoring my phone calls and texts, as well as fb messages. After two days of serious demands of my daughter my childrens father also backed me up and started calling and texting. In one conversation he stated "whats up with my daughter, you bring her now or im going to get there somehow. She stated back whats up with my daughters pictures?" he said, "you are holding my baby over the pictures that are paid for but not yet done? WOW THATS NOT OUR FAULT. I did not mention earlier but we had no care and no one to take us or we would have been at her door step immediately. If it was summer i would have took the stroller and got to walking. When we had a ride we let her know we were on the way and then she said that my baby was on base with her daughter and husband. We called and texted no answer. So we said we are on our way and i will call the police when we get there. SHE WAS VERY CONFIDENT IN HER VOICE AND SAID YEP GO AHEAD. I was so puzzled, and when we got to her house three cops cars came, and treated us like we were criminals. This lady has so many random problems, and my daughter was not with her in the first place that i couldnt believe how the police were treating us. I helped raise her two oldest daughters, now that they are adults i allow them to come get my two youngest girls to spend time. This woman has a missing child, so i am very much a hyperchondriac when it comes to things happening with the kids. So my question is, Can i file a complaint with the police for treating my fiance and i like we were neglagent parents, asking us if we had a parenting plan, making us leave our baby girl with this woman and made us let all three of them follow us to my house and let them search my home before allowing me to have my child back. I have no record, have always been a great parent, no reason to hold my kid or for the police to treat us that way. they also took our i.ds and searched for warrants. the next day cps interviewed my kids at school and has demanded drug tests from me and my fiance. How could the police not force her to hand over my child? How did they have the right to do all of that? Please let me know your insight and any advise of what i can do would be greatly appreciated/


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