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My home was raided and supposedly there was a warrant for my son and his friend, however, neither of them were residents in my home. They visited me often and would occasionally spend the night with me. During this raid the officers found a small amount of cocaine and some marijuana. Also, there was ammunition found in one of my bedrooms. My son's friend immediately stated to the officer anything found in the bedroom where everything was found belong to him. They both had mail in my home and their ID's were on top of my dresser. The police arrested both of them and my son asked why was he being arrested and the response was for possession of ammunition and being a felon. He stated to the officers I don't have any ammunition, yet they arrested him. I asked to see the warrant but because this could cause problems for the informant that was paid $30,000 for a year and housing furnished for him and his mother we were not allowed to see the warrant. This would become more out of the county's normal procedures because they would be transported to the substation and a full body cavity searches were done by the officer on my son. During this search the officer would use an ink pen taken from one of the desks that was not sanitized and remove a small amount of cocaine from my son's rectum. The officer after performing this demoralizing search would take my son to the county hospital and force him to drink a fluid that would cause him to not have control over his bowels. Also, handcuffed to the bed a physician would do an another body cavity search and tell the officer my son was under the influence. Why was he not taken to the hospital initially? Why have we not seen this body cavity search warrant as of this date. It was my belief to perform this type of search there are certain rules that must be applied, not this time.

Young black/hispanics are constantly being put into prisons and given little or no rehabilitation once they leave the prison. The state move them so far away from their families that they have no interaction with the outside world. They can fight fires while imprisoned but upon their release they're elgible to be firefighters for the state, county or federal government. Why when they're incarcerated it's no big deal for the state to train them and allow them to fight fires and pay them chicken feed. It saves the state money and they could care less if these young people lost their lives because they're only a number.

The state uses the 3 strike law to get them sentenced to ridicules periods of time for having small amount of controlled substances. They trying to support their families because you can't get a job that will pay enough to support their families. They're no longer eligible to receive food stamps, assistance with housing. So this becomes a cycle of life for them. However, if you choose to be an informant you can commit a robbery, be in possession of a controlled substance and the DA will drop those charges for you testify. These informants are not angels and have a tendency to lie themselves. Yet, a person's life is taken because of this type of witness. The DA should be ashame of themselves for using such immoral tactics. The young men are given CDA/PD to represent them only to find out the DA/CDA and PD are more than likely working together to free the court logs.

I believe we parents should start fighting for our children, grandchildren and stop this cycle.

It's sad the government would prefer building prisons instead of schools. Let's not educate them, let's institutionalize them is the government's motto.


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