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Ignorance. It is innocent until proven guilty in the United States. And if you use even the most menial lawyer available they will get you off these charges with no problem. Also any damage that the police caused to your property, you can take pictures of and submit them to the court. If they did not find anything that is considered substantial evidence in the court of law then the damages they caused to your property will actually be assessed by the judge and the precinct will have to compensate you for the damages. And believe me judges are highly educated and astute figures in society. Where as cops generally are not. Ignorant people are not usually favored among people who are educated. So as the defendant if you present yourself well and speak eloquently before the judge when he addresses you then you already have an advantage over the officers. Remember that police officers and any state or government official are civil servants to we the people. We are the ones who are obliged challenge these officials because they too often then not make mistakes and misrepresent the best interest of the public. If you were to hire a plumber to fix a flood in your house and they shut off the main water source throughout the entire house but left without fixing the actual leak & expected you to pay a $1500 fee. I am sure you would expect to see that the work is efficient and the problem has been fixed. If not you wouldn't pay him. Well, likewise we as tax paying citizens pay the salaries of these civil servants. And if they are not doing their job and instead when called to assist or resolve a problem, they instead cost us more aggravation money and all of the rest then we have the right to challenge them. Stop being cowards and stop depending on these sites to give you advice. Anyone can tell you anything on them and you take it as the truth. It is really scary concept. When it comes to the law and protecting your rights, please go to a public library and pick up a book with the local state laws in addition to a copy of the constitution, bill of rights, and the amendments. Which by the way I believe there are around 27 amendments currently to date (the first 10 are known as the bill of rights).


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