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One night i had to have my fiance call an ambulance because i bent down toput my daughter in her crib and i couldnt stand up,i was screaming,so the first responder and a cop show up no big deal and i go to e.r,im released with a pulled back muscle.i stay in bed for a week,the sixth day of feeling better,2 officers show up at my door and tell me that they have info of illegal activity going on in my house and told me they had a warrant and said they needed in and pretty much pushed me with myy baby in my arms,they ask if im on prescription meds an what for,they searched my room and found a bit of pot and parahaneliaa,i had my pill bottles out no pills in it.a month later they return with a arrest warrent and charge my fiance with possesion,the officer asked me to search the home,i tod him hell no,he told me if kept running my mouth he would get me a warrant and this time take my kids,my 3 yr old heard this and started bawling,he issued a warrant and thenext day i turned myself in after threats he kept making to my fiance that if i didnt my kids would btaken away,my charges are manufacturing schedule 4,and posession of a controlled substance with a prior,how the hell did this happen,ive neber been n trouble my whole life


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