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I would like to know when the police tell you they have a search warrent when are they suppose to show it to you or give it to you? They came into my house before i could say anything with their guns out and started to hand cluff everyone, as I was asking for the warrent, they kept telling me it is here that someone has it. they then bought in a dog and the police where seraching my house as i kept telling them i need the warrent, about 1 1/2 hours later they showed me the warrent also the warrent only said my house, do they have the right to serach my garage. Also my son was arrested and when asked for what they never told him him till he was bailed out! He was never readed his right, also they hand cluffed my daughter from behind and she is pregnant can they do that? Can the office close the doors in the rooms where no one can see want they are doing? Please I need help?


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