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So what if they dont find anything can they still take all of my valuables as well as my childrens? Re; The Portland,Gresham and S.W.A.T.. raided my home aprox. 3wks ago said they were looking for swat riot gear, drugs and firearms.(pretty random right) they found a baggie that had resadue of some kind of drug(RESADUE)and sapposedly a gun that was found in one of the room downstairs that are rented seperately from.the up stairs were myself and children live. They THRASHED my house and made it unlivable not to mention i lost the house anyways because of this but now they wont give my children and I's stuff back, they took 47 PAGES of stuff like all our laptops,cell phones,jewlery, $750.00 cash that they failed to mark on the papers, these things had nothing to do with what they were be here for. Now everytime.we call about our things they give us the run-around, and refuse to give us our stuff. By the way there were no charges filed so no reason to keep it "pending investigation", they even shot my son with a rubber bullet when he told them to speak with his lawyer. And all my neighbors seen and heard this. What.can.i do..........helpless and valnerable against our countries biggest and by far the most dangerest gang of all our nations police depts........Maybe they will just keep putting all of our countries middle to lower class (I say that in a finanial aspect) into these Prisons, since our Prison are Owned by corp. and sold in shares by our government. When not all the inmates deserve this cruel and unusual ponishment. The ones that do deserve to be treated this the child molesters, rapist,murderes these ones dont seem to stay in jail, maybe because alot of these crimes are justified by our police because so many our police have also committed these same crimes and gotten away with it. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. YOUR TRUELY ~CHILA~


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