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I just moved into a house less than 3months ago and my house has been broken into several times. I have contacted the police several times and they say no one could possibly have been in my home. I have been having problems with some crazy neighbors and I believe they know or have something to do with it.
Also I believe these particular neighbors are having people they know with authority of sorts enter the house also changed my locks and my realtor just ignored me and brushed me off. We pay so much to live here and its not worth the money. I have had things moved and come up missing cant get any real help dont have that kind of money. I am thinking of getting another alarm system where I live now. Use to have a system where I use to live. Have been called crazy by police anyone knows when there property or things in their home are out of place. Im meticulous about certain things. Ive gotten to the point where I double check myself whenever I live the house. Plus one of my neighbors
son I believe is dealing out of her house so I dont trust him at all. I cant prove it and I also believe he could be one of the persons entering my home. Its like Im the only one around here that personal property is being gone through its like being raped without someone touching you. Called pi and it cost so much money just for even a couple of days to find out who it is. Im getting really upset anyone else by now would have snap on someone because of this its not fair to me or my family. What do I do or what can I do to stop these crazy person or people.


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