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Ok my home was searched recently. It doesnt show any propable cause on it. It says "The items for which a search warrant are sought are described as follows DRUGS DRUGS paraphernalia ect. Well I own my home. My mother lives OUTSIDE in a little house next to mine on same property. SHE IS a known user. They plowed my door down NO knocking...Pointed guns at me my husband and our 3 under 9 yrs children and told us all to get on the floor and put our hands on our heads. This was very frieghtening for us all. I do not do drugs or allow anyone under any circumstances in or around my home. They said they had propable cause....Well now its been a couple days for me to sit down and read this...It just says its a sworn affidavit under oath of this DTF guy. Now after the guns and all that they took me aside and told me it was about my mother and that was why they were searching and they truly did believe we werent involved. Now tell me can they do this to people? I have never been in any trouble my entire life. Niether has my husband. Can they do this to innocent people? I was not harboring or hiding. They have never approached me in anyway. Anyone please is this aloud to happen? This is humiliating. They blocked off the roads put spot lights on my house like we were murdurers. How do I find out what brought this on?


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