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always video tape your interactions with the police! be polite and let them know you are recording, but don't let them bully you into turning it off. they will tell you it is illegal in order to intimidate you. ask them to cite the law, and that will end it.

plainclothes nypd at my door earlier tonight on an "anonymous" call that i am smoking weed with my kids.... i don't have any kids! they wanted to come in and "make sure i'm not hiding any children..." what?!? they harrassed me to let them into my apartment, to no avail. they would not identify themselves - but there were 6 of them, expecting that 1 dude living alone was going to let them into his 1-bedroom apartment. i spoke with them very cordially and respectfully, but i was not happy to have police trying to enter my apartment while i am trying to relax at night.

in germany they demanded "your papers". in america today they demand to "see your ID". stand your ground respectfully, and excersise your rights.


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