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Here is a real winner for you.two officers show up at my apartment,and have a cox cable field rep with them.I have no cable with cox that i pay for. Howerver some one hooked it up so i was getting free cable. Now i have no way of getting to this cable room,so I didnt hook it up. So they knock at my door I see its a cop. I open the door and ask how i may help them. The officer tells me who they are and have this so called woman with them from cox cable and want to come in my apartment.I ask if they have a warrant? no answer and I say to them sorry im not letting you or anyone in my home without a warrant.Now I was being very nice about this. The officer in the background says NO WERE COMING IN!NOT WITHOUT A WARRANT I SAID. the officer reaches for me grabs my rist while IM at my door in my home pulles me out and like I said twist my ristand grags me at my elbo real hard(I TOOK PHOTOS OF MY ARM) PULLS my out and cuffs me!! My girlfriend sees all this happen,and said thats not right. Got cuffs on me and IM thinking to myself "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEND HERE? Im pushed into my home and they come in and tell me to sit down cuffed imn my own home ,for a reason I cant understand.OYA the cox rep walks in as well. No warrant acting like shes on top of the world saying all sorts of BS to me. tells my girlfriend to turn on the tv to see if we have cable.we are both given a ticket for theift of service!! what the hell.NO ONE EVER SEEN ME HOOK ANYTHING UP.NOR CAN I GET INTO THIS ROOM The calbe rep for cox came into my place took photos entered with out a warrant or told she could come in.I really think that I can sue cox and go after the cop as well. Any feedback would be great.


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