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my son is 20 and has a restraining order against him from his 17 year old girlfriends dad... we were out of town one week-end and Courtney wanted to get some things from the house since ben wasnt there i told her how to get in and get them. her dad had the police watching the house they saw her car there and stopped also called her dad. they knocked she answered they cuffed her towed her car and released her to her dad. as they were doing that the police decided to look from room to room without permission to see if ben was there and of course he wasnt he was 5 hours away with me. now he got a paper with a court date saying they are going to revoke his probation and put him in jail for 90 days...the prosacoter offered him a plea 15 days of course we didnt take it he wasnt there. should we sue them for unlawful entry in our home? does anyone know how to look this up or what we should do? they shouldnt beable to get away with this and i respect the law and brought my children up to do so.


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