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My question or statement is ,I live in West Virginia and a State Trooper is banging on my door telling me to let him in.I open the door and he pushes me back as he steps in and I ask (what the hell is going on ?)He tells me to sit down and tells my wife to take him upstairs.He then searches my entire home and then says ,Wheres the dog?I said what dog.He then names a breed of dog and I said it died a year ago.After he question my wife and I ,more or less ,yelling at us.He then tells us someone is missing the same breed of dog that we had.And that someone told him that we had it.NO DOG.No Apology .Cop leaves and wife has not been right since.Went to trooper HQ to file complaint .And was told that they are the agency that investigates themselves.A state trooper that is friend of ours said if we continue with an investigation that everytime we go out that the SUPER TROOPER or one of his pals would harass us.I am neurologicaly impaired and wife takes care of every need 24/7.Now we are terrified to leave our home and are trying to save enough money to get out of this crooked state.


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