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As I have read several of the above comments I would like you to know this: I am not a lawyer or a cop. I have a Masters in Psych. and would like all of you to know a few pointers. First of all, like mentioned above, when the cops come to your door and knock DO NOT ANSWER. If they had a warrant they would eventually kick the door in. They will try to frighten you by banging hard on your door with flashlights, peek through windows and take their time until you are scared enough to open the door. If they continue to pound on your door, but don't come in, THIS MEANS THEY DONT HAVE a warrant and are trying to use scare tactics. A smart individual earlier stated a comment about illegal search and seizure/4th Amend. law. Eventually they will leave, but they will probably be back. If you decide to speak with the police you may incriminate yourself and they don't have to Mirandize you. I have often spoken with victims of police abuse and ANYTHING you say will be placed in a police report. That's why they hang out in their cruiser outside of your home and type on their laptop for a half our or so. The police will invert your wording and try their best to put you in jail. DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM. GET AN ATTORNEY. There is help in every state for people that don't have much money, you have to search for it. Finally invest in a $25 cheap video camera. They are out there at your local walmart. A one megabyte card will give you 45 minutes of low res recording. It is a very small and light device that should be taped close to your entry way. When they come, simple press record. If they screw up, video never lies. This has worked for many of my clients. Hope this helps and sorry to read about these horrible defilements from law enforcement.


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