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one day last month some detective knocked on a friend of mines door asking about her son, they said he committed arm robbery, they didn't show a warrant, but she allowed entry, they proceeded to his room, there her son, and my son was sleeping, they woke the both of them up,they then started searching his room making a mess,they found a gun in the drawer,her son denied it being he's the mother stated she didn't know about it being there,they told them both if some one couldn't state who it belong to then they would have to lock the head of house up for it. now this is when my son laid claim for it, he said he found it, so now of course he is being charged with a weapon on person he's seventeen and was being charged as a adult, which was waived in adult court pending a court date in juvenile court, i'm so afraid for him he's never been in trouble with the law and this is his first charge. help with some information on a situation like this.


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