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An Employee started working form me and 2 hours after started working, he drove a lift against Power lines killing instantly, I called work comp and they said they had cancelled my policy 2 days before the accident, which i did nit know was canceled, I had been sued both sides in Texas personal and Business even though I am LLC, I have not been able to have good jobs and the company is on the low,low income , I have not closed the company and I am still looking for jobs, work is starting to come for small jobs, and I am very tired but i have to keep moving forward, my question, if I go to court and i lose, this case, what can be taken away from me personal, since the company only owns The 1 Vehicle. my house is 30 years loan and my assets personal are about under 30,000. I do not want to close the company, i would like to try at least 2 more years if possible, i feel strong and I do not want to quit.


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