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I have a neighbor who's 70 years old, his son is the police captain in town, his other son shares a company with his father (the 70 yr old) in addition he's also on the zoning board. The mayor of our town is in bussiness with the older neigbor. I had a snow removal issue, I live next to a rite-a-way (paper road) his son the captain was plowing the snow from his drivway across the street in to the right-a-way. This made my house look like crap. I called the police, the officer who answered the call said to me, that my boss's father. Did I mention code 167-11 prohibiting dumping of snow of water into the rite-a-way.

Now i have a blinding spot light in my living room window for about a year, took pics, call the cops I have the police reports, we went to court he lost i won yeah
so I thought he hasnt moved the direction of the light, worse he leaves it on 18 hours a day, 430pm to 600 am.

hopatcong new jersey, can some one please help


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