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The man that put my fence up put the fence ten feet past MY property line towards my house which gave the neighbor more land.
The question is since that is my property on the otherside of the fence I can legally have the lanscaper weed wack it correct? He told me she got mad when he tried to do it. Now I don't think she realizes that the fence man put the fence ten feet in to my property.
So I am going to the town hall and get the deed and get a surveyor to put stakes up and this will show her where my property is. She has a day care and I am afraid the kid could get hurt on the stakes. They shouldn't be playing there in the first place without a fenced in yard but because we live at the end of a cul de sac she thinks it is safe. She does have a fenced in play yard in the back but she doesn't like to use it because she would have to have them climb stairs to get there or get back in the house and also she can see the parents pulling up in the front yard.
The reason I put the fence up in the first place was to keep her day care kids out of my driveway. I would come home in the winter and see there little foot prints in the snow and if they got hurt on my driveway and slipped the parents could sue me for not having it plowed, sanded etc. even though I was at work at the time.
So the fence took care of that problem but now they hang on the fence which isn't good either.
Question: Can I legally go around the fence and cut the weeds and if they find out its my property do I have to cut the grass too? Because that would really cause a problem with them. They cut theirs at different times than I do.


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