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We purchased a 15+ acre tract of woodland with an existing home a couple of years back - no other homes within 1000ft of us. This year, a small 2 acre parcel was sold to a couple who are in the process of building a huge 3800sq ft single story home with nearly 2 floors of vaulted ceilings. The have cleared all trees from they're land right up to where our woodland begins. Unfortunately, they have also dug nearly 5 ft into the hillside where our woodland begins... with no mention of any retaining wall. I can just see the mess this is going to create once soil erosion starts and our wonderfully strong southern winds hit!! They have never once come to us, introduced themselves, let us know of any plans or apologies for the inconveniences that have already hit us... Utility poles being moved from they're front lawn to ours - so that they're lawn was 'pretty'. Water from rains and runoff from the hill they've created forming pond-sized pools in our front yard. And already disputes over a full-use unrestricted easement to our home - an easement that has only been in place for 8 years even though the home, 100+ yrs old has had that 'driveway' since it was built(the land was divided up at that time for a subdivision that was never built, company went out of business and we since, have purchased all but the lot that is being developed. the easement was attached to the front lot - the one being developed, even though it was the only source of access to the existing property - otherwise our entire acreage would be land-locked. a strange layout in my opinion). The quiet country setting that we have spent a fortune on improving and restoring will now have a huge home less than 80ft from our doorstep and neighbors that seem to have absolutely no concern for how they are effecting the only neighbor they have. We have tried being nice but how much can one really put up with. This is already a nightmare for us and with they're lack of wanting to 'get along' or at least show consideration for those that will be living a stone's throw away - I can't see this getting any better.


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