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We purchased our property 5 years ago first time buyers in America, we lived abroad and realised that there is an 8 foot easement with our neighbor, the property belongs to us, which they have admitted to our lawyer. They had built a driveway and have a half fence on our property as well. We spoke to them in a friendly manner and asked them to move off our property line as we do not want to be liable for any sues if anyone falls etc. on our piece of property which they have access to and if we sell in time to come we will have a problem due to this easement. We have engaed a lawyer and they admitted that they are on our property. We have been paying the taxes all along on this portion of property.Prior to that we had our surveyor come to confirm our property line and survey. What options might you suggest. My final assumption to this is that we go to court and let the judge decide as they are not cooperating to any instructions from our lawyer, they say they have no money to go through moving the driveway and fence, this is how they apparently bought their property. Kindly assist with maybe options on this confusing issue. Thanks in advance.


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