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Two years ago we put up a fence along one side of our property beside an empty lot that used to have one house on it. Now some greedy guy is shoving two houses on the empty lot. Problem is, he keeps taking advantage of our property. He dug so close to our newish fence that you could see the posts in the ground. He came to aske if he could remove the sections of fence for "saftey" reasons. We said yes if he agreed to replace the fence at his cost...he agreed. The next day we noticed the sections of fence gone, and that he had dug further into our property. We called and told him we were not pleased and that he is not to dig anymore. He said he wouldn't, but then did anyway. He put up some steel fencing for saftey reasons, but it does nothing for our privacy. He's had to use noisy gas powered heaters through the night so his concrete wont freeze. We went on a planed vacation and came home to some sort of markers in our yard, and I have no reason why on earth they would need to put them in our yard? The guy even asked if he could use our power. Now I can see that his build is going to be so close to the property line that there is no way he would be able to rebuild the fence. Should we be compensated for the fencing he destroyed? What can we do to keep this guy on his own property and to be more considerate of ours?


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