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My husband & I purchased a farm from his father in 1994. The farm and our house is located 3/4 mile from the main road. Our right of way is thru his brothers farm. We are extremely patient, Christian, giving people. They built a barn, moving our right of way. For 3 years my brother in law, who never spoke to us, would come up to our land, take our tractor, fill it with our fuel and work his land. My husband had to retrieve the tractor to do our own fields. My husband wouldn't speak to his brother about it because when he did at one point, his brothers wife got angry and broke his brothers arm with a baseball bat. I would come home from work and find her 3, 4 and 5 year old children in my home, my house wrecked and important things broken,my husband said because the sister in law is unstable to care for her children so her husband would let them in our house, telling her he kept them with him on the tractor. When mail was mistakenly delivered to their house with my name on it, they kept it, on one instance, a $100 camera we had returned to the company for replacement and they kept the replacement. We know they have it because one of their children, who constantly comes to our house, told us her mom received a camera in the mail with no battery. In 1997 I had a bad car accident and eveyone thought I wasn't going to make it. While I was in the hospital, our sister in law came into our house and stole my $2700 diamond ring, I had in my jewelry box from my 1st husband, a gift I was saving for my daughter when she married. My 9 yr. old daughter saw her in my room. I spent 3 months on my back in my hospital bed. I taught Sunday School and was a Boy Scout leader, our Church family and friends from scouts took turns delivering meals to our house and changing my youngests childs diaper. My mother in law told me the sister in law put a gun to her head because I was getting attention. I didn't understand that but it upset me so much that I was afraid she would come up her and try to shoot me or harm my children. I broke out in a rash from head to toe. One of the nurses taking care of me said it was nerves and she knew the sister in laws family and they aren't 'right'.We became extremely poor. Them taking our things went on for 3 years till I attempted to leave my husband, telling him he can't afford to keep 2 families and I'll take our 5 children and get out of the way. He stopped letting his brother take our tractors, fuel, lawn mower, car, etc, without ever asking. Now, they have come into a large amount of money by sueing someone from a car accident. My husband asked his brother if he could start giving us small monthly checks to pay us back and his brother said yes. Three months and no checks later, my husband asked the brother when the checks would start coming and his brother said,'what fer tractor?, what fer fuel?, I don't know what yer talking about!' The brother has now purchased the farm behind our farm, that we were renting to plant corn to feed our cows, and they have started traveling thru our property, damaging our lane and our once quiet life now consists of noisy farm vehicles traveling directly past our house. There must be a law that states they have to go around on the main road to get to their new property, which is only 1 mile longer, and it is paved. My husband doesn't want to talk to his brother about it for fear his wife will beat him again. I've offered to go down, but my husband asked me not to.


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