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Let me say first off that our neighbors have never given us any issues but they are not the cleanest yard keeping people we know. We moved in our house 4 years ago and we all have approximately 3.5 acres each. This past year we noticed one side of our property staying soaking wet. It was winter so we chalked it up to clay content in the soil and the wet winter months. Well summer is here and it is still soaking wet. Wet enough to sink our tractor on that side of the yard. It hasn't rained but 2.08" this month. I am starting to think our neighbors field line has a leak and is running into our yard. Several things including super green, fast growing grass and the smell is a huge indication. Is there someone I can contact to have it tested before I knock on my neighbors door and accuse them of their feces running in my yard. I would like to try to be as civil as possible. Anyone also know anything about the laws on field lines and neighbors?


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