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I own the house I live in, which has been in my family for nearly 50 years. The block I live on has been a fairly decent block where most neighbors got along quite well. Just recently, one of my closest neighbors came into ownership of the house next to me through inheritance, and began renting it out as of December, 1012. The new neighbors are basically quiet, with the exception of constant running up and down the stairs and some thumping and bumping around. The problem is, they smoke marijuana, and the smoke is coming into my house. For the past month, I've been affected by this. Some mornings I've awakened hard to breathed because of the drug smoke that had saturated my house while I was asleep, and consequently I've been breathing in all night. I work at home, so I'm affected by this all day, everyday. I went to my neighbors house and introduced myself, then told him why I was there. He claims he don't smoke marijuana. So I said that I didn't say that you did, but obviously someone in this house or whom you invite in your home does, because my house is constantly saturated with the smell of marijuana. I said it is affecting the quality of my home life, and is making me and my daughter sick. I said it's giving me headaches and literally sick to my stomach. I said I can't tell you what to do in your house, but if what you're doing is a health risk to me and my family, and having a negative affect on the quality of our home life, then I have to speak on it. He said nothing. So I suggest that he open his windows and keep his house aired out so that my house isn't affected by the odor of marijuana coming from his house into mines. He said something like. "okay." But it's been a little over a since I spoke to my neighbor, and the problem still exist. Just this morning I woke up again, feeling suffocated from the heavy presence of the residue of marijuana smoke in my bedroom and all in my house. Right now as I type this, I am in my bedroom, been trapped here for nearly 3 hours, because it is the safest place in my house to be right now. What should I do to remedy this problem? Should I approach the owner of the house, whom I've known for several decades, or take some form of legal action against my neighbors who thinks their rights exceeds mine's and whom continues to put me and my daughter's health at risk and is making the quality of our lives a living nightmare?


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