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In 2005 I gave a Worship and Praise Dance Awards. I presented 3 awards, 1st place. 2nd and third place for a dance competition. I have been doing this until now. A business that has money and pull started doing it in 2007. In 2006 I helped them to get patrons for there Church Bulletin. They were suppose to cover my program, but they left out the part about the dance competition.I didn't have a good turnout for the competition, but the awards for those who help the displaced and distressed went well, which is parts of the awards, The Gospel Homage Award of Honor. In 2007 they started doing Worship and Praise Dance Awards. The same month I was giving mine. I changed my months from June to September. A lot of churches here had dance competitions after I did. I changed my dance awards name to Homage Obeisance Awards in 2009. Can I still get rights to my starting the dance competitions?


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