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I currently own a small business registered as a sole proprietor ship. It was a hobby business but had a lot of attention. The business is a farm animal rescue where we ran a mobile and on site petting zoo, pony ride business. Most of our business went to the site of the event, parties, city carnivals, businesses, schools, nursing homes, etc. If a group came to our location we offered hay rides, have a stocked fishing pond plus the petting zoo and pony rides. We also have a picnic area and restrooms.

I had to quit my business last year as I also work and my career was just taking on so much of my time and very stressful and being able to only run the small business on the weekend is VERY EXPENSIVE, especially because we rescue farm animals, I have taken in ponies that can cost me over $600.00 in 2 days just to get them the proper medical treatment they need.

I have made a life changing decision and have given up my career to follow my heart and work with the animals instead. I believe that if I am available full time, I can offer much more in this business and reach many more groups. I love to reach children, schools, special needs children and adults to teach the love of the animals, share them and also teach about animal abuse and responsibility.

So anyway, I think I need to change from sole proprietor to an LLC and I also need to get my 501C3. This is very expensive business and I need help to be able to continue to take in animal rescues.

Can you offer help with both and what kind of costs am I looking at? Keep in mind please that I have now quit my job, have no income and have high costs involved in animal rescue so cost will make my decision for me. Also, a payment type of plan may need to be considered.

Thanks for your time...



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