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I need advice,
A few months ago me and my gf broke up, and now we have a problem sharing the dogs. She has kept the dogs at her place and for the past few months I have come over couple times a week to take them over to my place for the day. However, recently she has refused me access to see them. She claims that the breakup was hard and seeing me is distressing... and therefore, I need to cut all ties not just to her but the dogs as well.

If she does not want to see me, that's fine; I will try to abide by her decision. But to have me cut all ties to my dogs is impossible. I love them dearly and they are my children.

A little background: when we first moved in together we came to an agreement to split Everything (i.e. rent, utilities, etc.). After that we got the dogs... she bought/adopted them (from the pound), her name is on the vet computer. We took turns buying food/toys, paying to vet bills, and all fees were split as per our oral agreement. I even paid $3000+ in vet/surgery bills for another pet she had previously had before she met me (Why? because I love that one just as much as the two dogs).

I don't want full custody or to even deny her contact with our dogs; I just want access to them would love to have them over a few days a week to my place. Of course, I can't just go over there and take them as I don't want to seem like I am trespassing or get a restraining order.
Is joint custody too much to ask for and does my appeal have merit? What are my options?


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