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my bf had two dogs, one was 10 yrs old and when she was 5 she had a litter of puuies and he kept one. his ex gf gave him the 10 yr old as a christmas gift. they never lived together and after they broke up he allowed his ex visitations, they were for a couple of weeks a month in the begining and recently they became less untill the 10 yr pld became ill and we could not save her, the nite before putting her down he allowed her to take the dogs overnite and she was to return them in the morning. Needless to say she did not. She kept the 10 yr old alive and we had to file a small claims to try to get them back. She finally put the 10 yr old down last week, thank God she is not suffering anymore, she wasn't even giving her pain medication. well he goes to mediation next week. the dogs were always his but he doesn't drive and they were in her name even though he was there owner caregiver,I put the dogs in his and my name a couple of yrs sago, so the vets say we all are the owners, but we have paid for their vet bills surgeries for cysts and tried to save her when she was a pup and was hit by a truck. What if anything can he do to make sure he gets his dog back. He has the resources to upkeep him and she does not. She is being vidictive in this whole endevor. We never kept the dogs from her and know she has crossed the line petknapping and we have not seen them in two months and we are waiting for mediation.


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