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Help. I currently own a home. I have also remarried in the last 4 years. My new mother-in-law recently broke a hip and will now need to move in with us. Due to current economic conditions, the best course of action was to hire a contractor to build an inlaw suite to my existing home. All three of us signed the contract. Now, the mother-in-law wishes to get out of the contract because she has decided not to move in. Her reasons are somewhat valid, but she doesn't realize that we ALL signed the contract. Therefore, we are still liable. There was on recission clause in the contract, nor any contingency clause with respect to payment. My mother-in-law was going to pay the cost to build the in-law suite. Since I am legally the homeowner, what legal recourse do I have? I do not want to be the person left "holding the bag," so what can I do? I'm waiting to hear back from the contractor to see if he wishes to remodel my basement for a lesser fee as opposed to building on an addition.


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