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I have come accross a long distance telephone company that has somehow signed up my father for their services twice since 2010. My father is elderly and does not take care of his own affairs. His bill is debited from my personal account and I started noticing las year that his bill amount kept increasing a lot. When I printed his billed activity, I discovered that his account had been swithched to a different provider who was billing him for long distance calls that he did not make. The calls for which he was billed were for the most part made to my cell phone for which I have all records. When I checked his and my bill, I realized that he had been charged a lot for calls that they did not place. I cancelled that long distance service (still waiting for a credit) and somehow again, that same company got my father's account again and began doing the exact same thing. I spoke to they again and they claimed that my father requested their service (I'm certain that he did not). I believe that this is not an isolated incident and that this company is doing this to other people. I have filed a claim with the BBB and the company called and said they have approved to credit my father's account for all the charges going back to December 2010. I don't know anything about Class Action Suits but think that this could be one.



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